Student Transfer Guide

Students and Parents of Cristo Rey Newark High School, this reference is to help you focus on the next step for your education. It is important for you to check out ALL of your options before making a choice. We suggest the following:

  1. Make a list of your school options. Do not leave any schools out of your consideration, public, private and charter.

  2. Advise Conor Heaton at the Cristo Rey Network office of the schools to which you will apply via email by Friday, June 12th. In addition to group meetings, individual meetings with the students and families may be scheduled to support students in their transfer efforts, and in order to support you we need to know where you are applying.

  3. For the students who choose to enroll in the public school, you will need to check out your options in your individual town. The options differ one town to another.

  4. Those who wish to enroll in a charter school will need to contact the charter school directly. Each school has its own timeline for admissions and policy on acceptance of transfer students.

  5. Do your homework. Because of the restrictions due to COVID-19 you cannot physically visit the schools. Visit school websites (see attached list with links). This is critical to learning about the school and their admissions processes.

  6. Contact the director of admissions by telephone or by their direct email. Let them know that you are seriously interested in their school.

  7. Very Important Information:

    • Make sure the Admissions Director understands that you are transferring from a Cristo Rey School.

    • You are transferring because the school is closing. (You were not expelled!)

    • Do not exclude a private school option because of the stated tuition. (They may have sufficient financial aid to help you.)

    • Do not exclude the Jersey City or New York City options. (You have traveled distances to work and you may be able to work out a commute.)

  8. For all transcript requests, please click here