Grading 4th Quarter 2020

Grades will include the following criteria.

  1. Attendance (CRITICAL, as stated repeatedly)

  2. Participation (White board work, Chat contributions, chat room work, response to questions when asked, cooperation with teacher)

  3. Completion of Assignments by June 1, 2020

  4. Tracker participation data (Students are daily being assessed for their overall class participation, timely completion of work, visibility in class and the meeting of ZOOM expectations outlined March 18, 2020)

  5. Assessments (Quizzes, Exams, Projects)

  6. EoCA results (Schedule for exam is forthcoming)

  7. Grades throughout the school year prior to DL.

  8. Final grade for the academic year will be a consideration of ALL aspects of the criteria

Failures for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

As previously stated in email letters and parent notification the week of May 11, 2020, ALL FAILURES MUST BE RESOLVED BY JUNE 1, 2020. Students carrying failures will NOT be issued credit for classes failed. Any failures must be resolved with the respective teacher.

Unresolved past Failures

It is the responsibility of the student to remediate past failures. This will likely mean attending a credited online course at the student’s expense, e.g., Educere.

Financial Obligations

No student may sit for final exams without fulfilling ALL financial obligations of the 2019 – 2020 school term. Credit will not be issued without completion of the EoCA.

Return of School Property

Students are to return borrowed Chromebooks. The date for the return is indicated on the calendar above.


The school will provide UNOFFICAL transcripts. Attempts are being made to provide the OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS. More information will follow.


As recommendations require integrity from the teacher/administrator asked to write on a student’s behalf, all student recommendations will be a review of the student’s PowerSchool record (Academics, Character/discipline record), and work study performance. Admittance to another Catholic school usually requires strong academics and good character.